Interdesign was started over eighty years ago with the early custom works of ebenist Elias El-Khouri and his team.
                                   Architects and manufacturers of furniture, his sons launched their first range in the early 1960's.
                                   As the production evolves it remains faithful to the arts of hand craftmanship, and designs are materialized by artisans   
                                   through the utilization of the highest quality materials available to them.


    Beirut showroom, 3,000 sqm

"Un milieu où l'objet exposé se laisse docilement explorer car vos yeux ne le quitte que pour mieux le retrouver sous des angles différents." (Khalil El-Khouri)
At Interdesign the process begins with our customers who set the performance criteria. We will advise you in finding the most appropriate solution for your project.
If required, we will specify the needs together with our customer. In doing so, you can rely on the almost 50 years of experience of our chief architects, who will determine the most adequate technique to suit the application.

The company's philosophy is based on its core values of service, quality and delivery. We will do our utmost to ensure that your business relationship with us remains free of problems, but if difficulties should occur we will act expediently and honeslty to correct matters.
As a responsible company we aim at providing a stable, profitable business in which we look after the long term future of our employees, shareholders and the environment.
In order to achieve this we recognise that our most important asset is our customer and it is our first priority to provide value, reliability, manufacturing expertise, advanced technology and quality of product resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

We're looking forward to assist you in fulfilling your demands.